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Final design?


The only item we need to focus on is some lush landscaping. We always want to encourage outside ideas from you our fans. We are thinking vines for the metal posts, desert willow for great shade and lots of pine trees.


I guess not, a little tweek here and there is the name of the game. I think Im getting close to being happy with the concept design. Landscaping is next, give me some pines!


That is more like it, I need to remove all the ugly Juniper bushes and replace them with some beautiful pine trees. I think this concept looks great so its off to the drawing board for some construction drawings for permit.


You can see this is a very simple arrangement that fits our odd shaped lot perfectly. We hope to be starting to build the summer of 2014 so I have some work ahead.

I now want to say a few words about my good friend Kenneth Conner. He is a retired architect from Phoenix, he has been giving me advice about things on the floor plan above, thanks Ken!


White Mountain Lake Estate



This is a story of our development of a very unique home near Show Low, Az. There isn’t much usual about this dwelling, from the 8″ thick walls to the fact that there is no drywall in sight. We will then be talking about incorporating some off-grid systems as the main source for power, water and food. We feel that being dependent on anyone like utilty companies is not a plan for the uncertain future.¬†The first thing we will be focusing on is the structure its self and why we chose this unique type of construction.

The system is called Green Rhino Building. It was first developed by an architect named Don Grieb famous for the domes in Milwaukee, Wi. His system was first called Macrotherm, Dan Dwyer is exclusively promoting his building system. He named the system GR Building Systems. We have evolved into a design/build company with myself as the design/drafting guru. My company is called Third Dimension Design, LLC, we have been designing in the third dimension since 97′. People agree that drawing in 3D is a great way to understand designs. I have known Dan since 08′, I totally believe his way of building will sweep the building industry someday.

Because we build with foam, any waste is ground down and recycled to make more foam panels. Most of the work is fabricated at our factory, trucked and assembled on site.

I have began to draw a complete set of construction drawings for permit. Designing for the Green Rhino building system is very forgiving. Because it’s a great way to build you can virtually do anything you dream up. Shown below is a few renderings of houses I have thought about building.







The image below is a new concept tiny house or office or kids play area. This microdwelling can easily be expanded into a small apartment for your teenager. This type of dwelling are being connected for bigger spaces such as a complete house. Maybe your like most people, changing your mind with layouts, maybe you need an extra bedroom or a larger garage. This can easily be accomplished using foam for your walls. Cut here, trim there, add a little and walla – a new house.



Green Rhino has two meanings, the first being green. This system uses no wood products- only foam, concrete and steel. This gives your house a Rhino type skeleton and shell. Shown below is the floor plan for my first and second floor and the framework my Show Low house will be made of.




The framework above first shows 4′ deep foundations in the ground shown in red. Horizontal rebar shown in green is encased in concrete bond beams connecting the concrete vertical posts (purple) together. All the framework is encased in 8″ foam, this gives your walls incredibly high insulation values and a sealed interior. When your house is sealed, all your air conditioning stays in while the harsh climate stays outside.