Final design?


The only item we need to focus on is some lush landscaping. We always want to encourage outside ideas from you our fans. We are thinking vines for the metal posts, desert willow for great shade and lots of pine trees.


I guess not, a little tweek here and there is the name of the game. I think Im getting close to being happy with the concept design. Landscaping is next, give me some pines!


That is more like it, I need to remove all the ugly Juniper bushes and replace them with some beautiful pine trees. I think this concept looks great so its off to the drawing board for some construction drawings for permit.


You can see this is a very simple arrangement that fits our odd shaped lot perfectly. We hope to be starting to build the summer of 2014 so I have some work ahead.

I now want to say a few words about my good friend Kenneth Conner. He is a retired architect from Phoenix, he has been giving me advice about things on the floor plan above, thanks Ken!


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