Design aspects

Its funny to me the fact that I love design and purposely change the complete house design often. I started this project the beginning of the year hoping to start building the summer of 2014. I need to stop changing and get on with the many aspects of drawing construction documents for permit. Keeping in mind always my budget, not sure what that could be but I know a few more things now than when I started. The first being space, there is no need to plan for a large house I’m only going to spend at on a monthly basis. Yes we have kids but really how often are they gonna go up to Show Low? I now think that 1000 sq. ft. is plenty for two. The bigger you go the more money you have to spend, definitely don’t need that. Another thing I desired in my design is a way to see the lake a half mile from the house and totally avoid seeing juniper bushes. A two story house makes for stronger and more structure members which of course means more money. I compromised instead of a second story I decided a deck only is the way to go which is super easy using the foam building system I chose.

The new design is more playful in that there are lots of glass and plan to completely landscape the deck and the covered entryway. This can easily be obtained because of the roof design, three shed roofs that the rain will dump in the same area, the plant area.

I thought the great room with high ceilings could use a couple of Nana walls to fully open this space to the outside.

Below is a couple of shots of the final design period!!

showlow house3 showlow house3b

I am now close to submitting the plans to an engineer for structural approval so Navajo county can sign off and give me a permit to build.


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