Im not saying anything anymore…

I got some outside help with an architect friend, he showed me some obvious things I have missed well sort of. Yes I was on track using the power of the sun for my solar plan and my solar compost toilets. I dont know why I didnt think about using this free heat for the house. I added a lot of windows for the great room on the second floor as well as a massive deck and a roll up door that connects the great room to the deck. Well anyway I am praying I dont have to think about home design anymore!


It happened again, just changing rooms so it flows better, check it out, dont you agree?


My thinking was that some devices such as the water heater should be moved more central. The water heater will have two tasks, water heating and in floor water heating. The upper deck is wider to accommodate an indoor/outdoor fireplace which means bed1 got bigger. This also gave me a new room to incorporate my future solar devices and the in floor heating manafold and valving. Im now finishing a Sketchup model of this house so stay tuned!





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