Its a money thing

Money, time, permits, inspections, engineers, more money, accessories, extras, square footage means more materials which equals money. We simply want a small get away to go to when its blazing hot in Phoenix and a little bungalow for when we go skiing. How much room does a couple really need to get that done? Ive been playing with building in Show Low since the beginning of the year and frankly Ive gotten no where! Let me say that again…….NO WHERE. Three months have went by still with my mouse in hand wondering if it will ever happen.

Anyway below is yet another design that seems to be half the space I had before but will definitely work very well. Going small is a good thing because that means less lights, door knobs, heating, windows, flooring, etc. Hey this is a great thing, should have done it in the beginning.


I have the approval from the wife so its a go, no looking back now.


Its time to get on with other things like off grid items such as getting into solar. I recently purchased a small system from Amazon. 100 watts is all you need to experiment with. I live in Paradise Valley now and want to setup a system to charge a battery and run some led lights to show off my new waterfall I created. This small system will give me the know how to run a system for the houses lights. My original intent was to power the lights and a 12v water pump for the waterfall but then again pumps require a lot of power.

This small system will give me exposure to batteries, charge controllers, etc… After playing with the system Im sure I will want to expand it. I want to get into building my own panels so that will require soldering skills. I there anyone out there that can give me some tips?



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