Ongoing progress

I am now nearing the completion of my plans for permit. Reading a lot of info about special systems like a compost toilet. Fortunately I have had years of experience with vermicomposting. This is regular composting accept you add red wiggler worms that help the waste breakdown process. My system will also use solar to add heat to the pile for quicker microbe action.


I have also completed my basic 100 watt solar system and have three halogen lights connected. Soon those power hungry lights will be replaced with led lights soon. If you think about it why would anyone want to use a 20 watt light when led lights only use 4 watts with the same lumen output! I want to light up my house with led lights throughout. I wanted to experiment with this so when I build in Show Low I will have a better understanding of solar and its limitations. All the reading I have done so far, they say that going to 48 volts works best for a number of reasons. It prevents you from using thicker cables for your battery bank and it seems to run more efficiently. Soon I hope to create a small wind generator too.

batterybox solarpanel

I got this system from Amazon and has been working great, $175.00. I bought a deep cycle battery from Costco for $80.00. I mounted the solar panel at an angle of 33 degrees because that is the longitude for Phoenix, Az. so that is where the most collection takes place.



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