Vermicomposting human feces

I started this experiment today 4-23-14 because unlike organic composting, I want to find out if there is a way to rid of me poop a natural way. I’ve read a lot of articles that say human poop is the ideal food for red wiggler worms. Please keep in mind, I’m not going to do this on a large scale, one poop a week is plenty for the worms to play with. I added about 50 worms from the original compost pile along with the soil from it too. I’m using a 20 gallon container with a sealed lid to keep odors at bay. I did drill a few small holes for air to the worms. I lined the container with sawdust and will soon be adding coffee grounds. This is a good idea because of odor control and gives the worms some roughage for their digestive system. I’m pretty sure this container will get hot enough in the Phoenix, Az summers for microbes to help with the breakdown process. Poop is pure nitrogen, carbon materials need to be added to the pile for proper carbon/nitrogen ratios of 30 to 1. Sawdust is a very high carbon material.


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