Design complete, on with pricing and permits

I have forgotten about the travel trailer nightmare, its time to get this plan in progress to get building permits. I believe I have found a structural engineer though David R. Holl. I’ve got my brother Scott Schwinghamer for the plumbing, found out pouring concrete for the slab and foundation costs 5.00 per sq. ft. which is reasonable. The foam wall and roof panels are costing about 11,000 plus, the structural coating will cost 8000. Not bad for a super energy efficient house of the future.

So now we have the shell built with plumbing and in floor heating. Its time now to get prices for the 11 doors and 23 windows, double or triple pane of course. I would also like to have most windows to open in some fashion.


2 thoughts on “Design complete, on with pricing and permits

  1. Gail Williamson

    Hi there,

    I linked to your blog from the Green Rhino website and am wondering if I can ask you a couple questions about your house? Is your floorplan the one that’s 938 sq. ft. and is it a single story? I’m interested in the GR system and am just trying to get an idea of cost. It would be awesome to see a couple photos of your place since it sounds like the shell has been built. Did you like working with the GR system?

    Thanks a lot!

    Gail Williamson

    1. schwinghamerproject Post author

      I am so very sorry about not checking my blog site for comments. Unfortunately I am not working with the GR building system but have devised a better, stronger system. I uses the same foam core, I have found a better way to connect the walls to the foundation and a better coating. Let me know if you want more info.


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