Recent property visit

Last week I visited my show property this last week and have forgotten how much of a mess it is as far as those juniper bushes and all the rock. Friday I went there and measured so I can locate my property lines with stakes and string. Soon I’m going to go up there and start removing the junipers where my house will be, well actually all the juniper bushes, there so damn ugly! A friend suggested something that made sense, he said why don’t I cut them so they look more like pine trees. I also discovered something that made me very happy, our lot has water! I also found out that compost toilet is possible use the one that I designed. It has electricity so I think I will start with that but eventually go full solar and wind power with 12v lighting. Speaking of solar, I am trying out some systems from Northern Arizona Wind and Solar at my PV home. We want to get solar to run our pool pump, power for our home electronics and a few lights. I was thinking of using a grid tied system for the pump but now Im thinking dc for battery power storage.
I went to Navajo County planning and zoning also this last week to show them my plans and ask if you questions. They said that they allow composting toilets but in order to use my design I will need an engineer to stamp. Fortunately an engineer also needs to stamp the building system I want to use.


Just for giggles, I wanted to go see what was also available for properties around the White Mountain Lake area. I was shocked to find out there is quite a few choice sites for sale. The first one being near a river off the lake on a developed cul de sac.


This isn’t quite beach front but the views are pretty spectacular! This peculiar property is going of 25k and has been on the market for over ten years. The funny thing about this is there is a site on the next street that is also river front going for 10k. Im seriously thinking of putting a bid in for one of these beauties.


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