Getting ready to build

There are many things to think about when building a new home. Money is by far the thing you need to stay in check. Establishing a budget has to be your first step, otherwise you may never be opening the door to your new house. I gave myself a preliminary budget of 50k to get the foundation poured and the shell of the house done. Yes this new house is fairly small (under 1000 ft. living), I still have to price 49 windows and 3 outside doors. The windows need to be of excellent quailty, three pane. I dont want the windows to be the weak link in my energy efficiency factor. Im still shopping but I can tell you just windows are going to take a big chunk of my budget. Plumbing is the first item installed in the ground, fortunately my brother has been doing the art of the plumb for a very long time. I figured that portion will cost a few thousand dollars. I should be under budget although I now have to figure the extra costs involved constructing the walls. The company I used to represent is not with me now, I think I have found a better way that is stronger. Using only foam with a shallow concrete coating for wall construction isn’t enough structure for many engineers. I have devised a plan to use a few metal studs at all corners and at door and window openings. On both sides of the wall are these studs bolted together thru the foam wall. A three foot piece is then sticking out of the foundation for the wall metal studs to screw onto. This way my walls are structurally strong plus I now have a way to connect my roof and cabinets. Below shows a perspective image of a wall section showing the metal studs.


Electrical which includes lights, outlets, wiring, audio, solar, smart technologies. I will eventually be on solar/wind power, I still need to be connected to electric utilities so installing a 100 amp panel should be part of the shell build above. Its damn hard to construct without power!


2 thoughts on “Getting ready to build

  1. ricky

    Hey… have some questions about your building technique. How can I get in touch?


    notes2 attt servantweb dott org


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