Everything has changed

When this project started over 16 months ago, I thought I knew what I wanted. A small cottage in the mountains that I could spend some time at along with part or all of my family. Well that is all fine and dandy accept I never was really happy with any of my designs. This is where the change takes place, I realized I wanted more complications than I needed.. Why not build a simple box with a loft and a large porch? I have known about this design for a while, it never hit me to consider it though. Check out this super simple design that would work for most anyone wanting to get away. Smaller size, less walls, less windows, less power consumption, cheaper build, plus lots of room to live and sleep. I figure a couple of 250 watt solar panels would give plenty of juice. I cant forget the backup gas generator just in case. This design was originally designed around 2×6 lumber, is there any reason why I cant build with foam, I will have an engineer tell me.

Im sure there are some of you out there going “Is he ever going to build”? Thats a good question but when you see this new simple design you will know it may happen before 2020!



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