Az Smart Dwelling Design/Build Meetup Group

I want this group to begin as a Meetup and is founded for people that want to learn how to build energy efficient green minded micro dwellings. We would first discuss all the popular green building methods and why we prefer one system over another. We then will discuss and practice design and construction techniques from the systems we like to build with for projects within the group. It would be awesome to find people that want to build soon because all of us P.S.B.P.G. people would then learn while building your living unit. These techniques will take weeks to complete, we will have a class curriculum hand out after the green building methods meeting. A lot of the learning will be hands-on, because practicing makes for a better builder. The class will start out giving you the future builder a lesson with design and drawing plans. (my blog at shows great design examples)


The type of building system we would like to work with should be impervious to insects, air tight- a smaller a/c unit and/or heater can be used, better air quality, termite proof, fire resistant, no design limitations, factory precut panels- virtually no waste, reduced time it takes for assembly, reduced noise pollution, at least 50% energy reduction. Of course this system would have to be relatively inexpensive or most wouldn’t consider using it even if it payed for its self in the future. If a system can’t give you these thing why would you want to build with it?


We call these small houses micropods. The base model is about 200 sq. ft. with many add on modules such as a bathroom, bedrooms, kitchens. This base model can be combined for bigger spaces. (Check out some layout ideas for pod combinations at We have found that this size unit works great for many that need an extra room for a studio, office, a teen’s private space or a kid’s play area. These types of units are also an inexpensive way for you to have something up north away from the heat and your busy life.


The kind of people we would like to work with would have some idea what they would want to build in the near future, if not we can brainstorm and figure an idea. If you are this type of person, you will get the most out of this group. Because we don’t want to be a group that has limited production, we want people that are motivated to achieve a small pod here or somewhere out of town.


This group will also be exploring great ways to live off the land by using natural power generation from the sun and wind. Water is the most important resource we need to keep, there are a lot of great ways to filter and preserve rain for drinking and grey water for reuse for laundry. We use composting toilets exclusively in our dwellings, why spend the money for septic when natural composition works great.




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