Off grid campaign

We want to build a community of individuals that want to live simply. We have some property north of I-40 in north Arizona. We need to build housing units starting with our HQ. These housing units are approximately 200 sq. ft. and can easily be combined for more space. We’re going to be constructing these units out of 8” thick foam panels for superior insulation values. We are going to need 2 units and a bathroom pod for a total of just over 400 sq. ft.

This unit will be furnished like the homes we will be constructing for the community. Because of the ingenious building system we will be using, headquarters will also be showing off the incredibly small space heater these dwelling needs to stay warm. We need to generate a sum of ____________ to make this dream happen. All the house power will be produced by the sun and wind with an underground water tank including rain water collection. Below is the design we have come up with for our showroom model/office.



kickstart3 kickstart3a kickstart3b kickstart3c

kickstart3einside kickstart3finside kickstart3ginside kickstart3hinside



We have now shifted our focus on the area near the White Mountain Lake. This area is better because its near my property. This new and improved microdwelling will also incorporate home automation so owners can control items in their pods from a smartphone. We are still in the testing stage with home automation. Below is our start up smart home plan.


I have devised a new garage addition for more space, adding this would give you room for equipment for systems such as solar, water heater, floor heating. your car.



I have been playing with the layout of this small dwelling and I think I have something spacious yet small. I also connected the greenhouse to the kitchen because all meals should somehow come from the greenhouse.



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