Pod combinations and past renderings

Below shows our base plan, its a simple 16×12′ 192 sq. ft. layout with a kitchen, bath and bedroom/living room. A bed can easily be tucked into a wall when not in use. What more does a person need when you have the whole forest for your backyard. This plan is perfect for a couple up north away from the busy city life. You will have a choice of what type roof you desire. All your plumbing and electrical are also tucked into the wall for great protection against freezing. We also offer solar, patio, water filtering and containment, compost toilets, bbq packages too.

Our exterior walls are able to accept any materials, paint, stucco, rock, stone, brick, tile.

base_plan1 base_planA1   Simply by cutting a doorway into your existing walls is easy to expand your living spaces.   base_plan1_doorway

The next set of images are additions you could add on for more space.

addition1 base_plan_addition

We can build any type of module you desire as an addition to the base. Check out some of the module additions we have built for people below.

corrinepod finalcainpod1 finalcainpod4 finalcainpod3 finalcainpod2 finalcainpod6b finalcainpod6d johnjanpod pod10showlow011


janjohn2smalldwellingfront3dshemer10cainpod7cainpod6cainpod4cainpod23podhouse24podhouse6x9-bath0912dwyerpoddwyerpod1guest3guest4guest5mdpod1northscottsdalepod3podbath1podwbath1podwbath3apodwbath4podwbath5santafe1showlow3showlow4SLpodSLpod2smalldwellingfront3dsmaller dwelling3dsmaller dwelling3D14a1smaller dwelling3D14esmaller dwelling3D14eesmaller dwelling3D14gggsmaller dwelling3D14ggggtuscan1oliverkickstart1


YARD PLAN3D2 pershinghouse1b1 scottybighousediff pershingbackyard3dC pershingback3d2 pershingback3dNight2 pershingback3dNight2a pershing pergola2 pergola Misc lobby2 interviewhouse1F1a home10 home5


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