Forward progress

Today I acquired an super inexpensive 5th wheel travel trailer. Its eight years younger than when I was born and its also the same year as my Darvan I used to own. Yes 76′ was a good year in my book. Anyway its a fixer upper which is ok in my book because being handy is fun and challenging. It needs a few parts, tires, registration, insurance, wheel bearing grease. Im not sure if the refrigerator works either. The lights and the water pump work which is good. All the glass isn’t broken, needs some batteries and a propane tank. I figure I can get a solar panel to charge the batteries for lighting. A gas powered generator would also be a good idea.

metoo1 metoo2


I figure I can fix it up here in Phoenix then take it up there when I have my plans for building permit ready to submit to Navajo county. This way I think I would be able to camp on my lot, start my solar vermicompost sewer system and dig to put a water tank in the ground. These two projects will cost a few thousand dollars along with getting my lot surveyed and staked for the foundation.


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